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Wardrobe Wake Up: How to Dress to Look Younger and Slimmer

After a certain age, a woman and her wardrobe just do not get along. The romance that once was simply dies off. The dresses you bought in your 30s or early 40s–which made you feel sexy, confident and beautiful–no longer fit or enhance your self-esteem. Changes in hormones, weight, finances, lifestyle and attitudes all impact your closet and style. In this guide, I will give you honest and practical styling tips to enhance your body, boost your style and revive your closet to bring out the Diva in you.

How To Dress To Look Younger And Slimmer – 10 Tips


1. Wear One Color From Head To Toe

It is often tempting to wear black pants with a crisp white top or a red sweater with beige skirts-but wearing sharp contrast does not work in the 50s. Contrasting colors sharply break the line at your waist or hips drawing attention to them. Instead, try to wear one color from head to toe. This is a quick, fool-proof formula that can make you look slimmer and younger by taking attention away from your problem areas. For example: match a navy top with dark blue jeans or a black cotton top with black cords to give you a sleeker vertical line.

2. Create An Illusion Of Height

The best way to do so is to wear lowish necklines that expose your upper chest and shoes that closely match your skin tone. For example, nude pumps or beige peep-toe heels. Both these accessories can add inches to your height. Always go for the tapered toe shoes to give you maximum stretching and slimming effect.

3. Dipping Necklines Work Best

Elongate your neck with necklines that dip below your collarbones. I am not suggesting very low, plunging necklines; I want you to keep things classy with cowls, scoops and unbuttoned shirts that form a v-neckline. If you go for too low necklines that reveal your cleavage, it will only sabotage the mission of keeping things classy.

4. Wear Belts

One super slim belt is all you need to add shape and definition to jackets, suits and sweaters worn over skirts or pants. Super skinny belts in black, brown or neutral beige leather, as well as vintage chain belts in gold and silver can accommodate anything from silk blouses and jackets. Just be sure to wear the belt around your waist and not at the hips.

5. Choose The Right Fabrics

Did you know that there are certain fabrics which naturally hug your body and make you look slimmer and younger? These include jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, matte crepe silk, wool rayon and vertical pinstripes. They all mold, shape and hug your curves. Other fabrics like denim, velvet, silk, lace and wool crepe are comfortable and wearable but they do not do much in particular to enhance your shape.

6. Wear Accessories Strategically

If you have a short neck and wide hips, then wearing a long necklace will draw attention away from these areas. Likewise, if you have thick flabby upper arms, sparkly cuffs and stacks of bangles or bracelets can draw the eye to the wrists instead of the problem areas. Also use vintage bags, scarves, costume and real jewelry to add one focal point at a time.

7. Use Shape-wear

Shape-wear can lift sagging areas around the thighs, tummy and hips and also smooth down bulges. If you plan on wearing shift dresses or pencil skirts, make sure to use shape-wear with extra firm tummy control. Also wear a good quality pushup bra to reduce sagging at the bust.

8. Keep These Fashion Must-haves In Your Wardrobe At All Times

Invest in the following fashion must-haves to create a svelte silhouette, hide the fat and slurp you up in all the right places:

  • •    V-neck sweaters with three-quarter sleeves
  • •    Pencil skirt
  • •    A wrap dress
  • •    Boot cut or skinny jeans
  • •    Pair of nude heels and knee length heeled boots
  • •    High waist opaque stockings
  • •    Control camisole
  • •    A-line shift dress
  • •    Full coverage bra

9. Mix Prints

Combining two or more prints can give a new spin to your wardrobe but there is only one way to pull off this look without looking ridiculous-you have to choose a single color theme at a time. First select one color group–say brown–pair it up with a brown dotted silk blouse and an artsy brown graphic print skirt, throwing on a brown cardigan to “gel” the look. Also remember: subtle, small scale prints are easier to work with than larger prints and suit all kinds of body shapes.

10. Be Yourself

This is the most important tip to help you look the Diva you are. It is never too late to update your wardrobe, but it is especially important to have a positive body image at all times. How you perceive yourself to be plays an important role in the message you send out to others around you. I have already covered some fantastic makeup and beauty tips to help you look younger here.  As a recap of that, I recommend using the Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants during the day to get rid of unsightly fine lines, age spots and dark circles and following up with Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants  at night to reduce the sun damage caused during the day. This will bring out your true inner beauty by taking decades off your face.

As a parting tip: laugh and be happy. After all; a smile is the best thing you can wear!

For more beauty secrets, do not forget to download my book, Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book 1.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!

How To Never Look Old: 10 Beauty and Styling Tips To Look Younger

Aging sucks. Whoever says, “we will grow old gracefully” or “we should celebrate our wrinkles” is lying. The question is: What do you plan to do about aging?

This website is dedicated to Divas, and I always say “Divas never age.” We, you and I together, are going to fight aging and we are going to look great doing it! I am not suggesting that everybody should go under the knife and get cosmetic work done. No, I am talking about daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tips to help you stay in the game longer. Let us face it: the world prefers younger looking men and women–be it at a job or in any other field. Your chances of remaining employed actually go up higher, the slimmer and more attractive you look. So, I am going to help you level the field and ensure that you look 30 if you are actually 40, 40 if you are 50 and so on…

10 Beauty And Styling Tips To Look Younger Starting Today


1. Banish Factors That Make Your Look Old

There are many factors that make a woman look a lot older than she actually is:

  • Dark lipstick
  • Granny pants and mom jeans
  • Face caked with makeup
  • The wrong bra
  • Yellow teeth
  • Grey or white eyebrow hair
  • Too long hair parted in the middle

Promise me one thing: you will always be on the lookout for the above things and stay away from them.

2. Change Your Hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle to something more modern is the easiest way to look 5 to 10 years younger. All you need is a really smart stylist who knows the right length to add to your hair that suits your face’s facial shape. You hair being too short or too long will again make you look older. Also try and avoid certain hairstyles, which really age you considerably: up-dos, helmet hairstyles, as well as visibly thinning hair. Here are some things you can do for your hair:

  • Change your length seasonally
  • Select a new stylist if you are not happy with the old one.
  • Change your side part from right to left and vice a versa from time to time.
  • Cut the hair in angles and layers and add bangs to really open up the face and add a new look.
  • For thinning hair, apply 2% Minoxidil (Rogaine®) twice a day to prevent further loss.

3. Consider New Hair Color

This is another easy tip to easily look a decade younger. Go to an experienced hair colorist who can suggest the right color to make you look stylish and younger. For example, if you have mousy brown hair, instead of adding platinum highlights, lighten up the base shade and then add a handful of golden highlights. Likewise, if you have dark hair, go brunette and add some highlights to wake up the complexion.

4. Tame Those Eyebrows

Thinning, fading and graying eyebrows are a strict no-no. Use eyebrow powder to fill in thinning eyebrows. You can also use a brow pencil to draw thinning tails of the brows. Tinted brow gel can also achieve the trick.

5. Take A Look At Your Makeup

The wrong makeup can also age you considerably. Non-mineral based foundation powders enter your wrinkles and fine lines, making them more prominent. Never use too much foundation in one go; always add it in layers. Likewise, never use fingers to spread the foundation; use a clean brush to do so. Avoid foundations having grey and yellow undertones. Always select a foundation shade that is as close to your skin’s shade as possible.

6. Whiten Your Teeth

Try and give up coffee and wine completely to keep your pearly whites, white. Also seek help of a good dentist to fix dark spots and yellow teeth. You can also use over-the-counter whitening trays, which are very effective.

7. Use The Right Shade Of Lipstick

As we age, lips become thinner and acquire wrinkles so it is even more important now to select the right shade of lipstick. Fair-skinned women must go for nudes, apricot and pink shades and stay away from dark brown, wine and dark reds. On the other hand, women with dark skin tones could go for darker lipsticks-read, mauve, red, chocolate etc.

8. Update Your Wardrobe

You can get many style ideas in the latest styles from fashion magazines. If needed, seek advice from professionals who can help you buy the right clothes. Here are some fashion tips that can make you look younger.

  • Love belts? Invest in slim, shiny, metallic, leather or animal print belts.
  • Jeans are must-have for any wardrobe. Select a pair that fits you well. Skinny jeans are a great choice and they suit many body shapes and sizes.
  • Wear dresses and skirts above the knees.
  • Wear printed shirts and tees with plain skirts and pants.
  • Wear colorful accessories.
  • Invest in shape-wear to hide bulges and make your thighs and stomach look thinner than it is. And whatever you do, wear a pull-up bra to make your breasts look perkier.
  • An important point to consider: Avoid chasing trends. Stick to clothes made for your body shape and bring out your best features.

9. Wear Heels

A nice pair of ankle boots can make you look younger in any outfit. You could go for nice red heels which look more fashionable and trendier than darker colors.

10. Manage Wrinkles

Your face is the first place where signs of aging start to show. So, wear a good foundation that hides blemishes and fine lines. Also eat a healthy diet full of antioxidants (mainly fruits and vegetables) to eliminate free radicals that cause wrinkles in the first place. Drink tons of water to give you that inner glow. Wear SPF based lotions or creams during the day, both indoors and outdoors. At night, remove all of the makeup using a good cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. Use serums which are easily absorbed by the skin and fight signs of sun damage. Look for skin brightening and polishing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, retinol and Vitamin C.

As always, I would like to recommend Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants for daytime use. Wear it under your SPF moisturizer to fight wrinkles and fine lines. At night, massage in Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants, which will undo the sun damage done during the day. It has gentle ingredients that ‘add moisture, seal in moisture, and also enable your skin to produce more moisture’. Put it on while the skin is still damp and wake up looking younger, fresher and more radiant!
Looking younger does not have to be complicated or expensive. The above basic beauty and styling tips can help you look and feel great without spending a lot of time or money. For more beauty secrets, I recommend downloading my book, Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book I.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!

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Secrets Of Great Skin: Important Skincare Regime For Mature Skin

The basic goal when formulating a skincare regimen for mature skin is to select an effective combination of ingredients which can be incorporated into one’s daily routine to address specific skin concerns. In order to reverse the signs of aging, an important cornerstone of facial skin rejuvenation is to:

  • •   Encourage collagen and elastin production
  • •    Increase moisture on the inside and outside
  • •    Provide the skin with the right ‘tools’ to rejuvenate itself
  • •    Neutralize skin damaging agents like free radicals
  • •    Stimulate skin cell renewal and repair

With this in mind, a simple skin renewing routine for women in their early 40s and beyond should ideally include the following ingredients:

  • •AntioxidantsTo repair old and worn out skin cells, fight free radical damage and protect the skin from further damage.
  • •AstringentsTo cleanse the skin and draw tissues together to join proteins to coagulate dry and harden the tissues. This gives the skin a younger look. Astringents can also make pores look smaller than they are and help protect skin from damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Demulcents– To heal and soothe inflamed skin.
  • EmollientsTo moisturize, smoothen and soften dry and sensitive skin.
  • ExfoliationA process required to encourage growth of new skin cells. It can be done in two ways: mechanical or chemical. In the first type, you use a scrub to remove the upper dead layer of the skin. In the chemical method, you make use of an acid to do so.
  • HumectantsTo lock and seal in moisture by creating a protective barrier on the skin.
  • MoisturizerTo hydrate the skin by adding to mature skin’s dwindling supply of moisture.

Based on this, let us discuss the right skincare regime and products for mature skin.




Always use non-drying, alcohol-free cleansers since because mature skin is also dry and sensitive skin in most cases. Liquid milky cleansers work best for dry sensitive skin. You can also go for fatty substances like cocoa, lanolin and petroleum in your cleansers, for oily mature skin, look for non-drying cleansers and oil free products that help dissolve sebum. Use cream cleansers that rinse off easily; if you wear makeup, the cleanser should clean it off without you having to rub or scrub too hard. For women with oily skin wash the face no more than 2 to 3 times a day. Washing more than this can lead to excess oil production.

Steam Inhalation

Women with very dry and sensitive mature skin should avoid steamers, steam baths and saunas as these can irritate skin further. Also avoid using wet cloths and wipes that can further aggravate the redness on the skin. For women with oily skin type, once a week steam inhalation is recommended to keep pores clear.


I am personally against excessive use of scrubs, since most contain ingredients like walnut shells, silica or sand particles which aim to exfoliate the skin’s upper dead layer. However, the molecules of these substances are irregularly shaped, which could be abrasive to the skin. Instead, use products containing micro-beads that are more regularly shaped and help exfoliate without abrading your skin.


If you have oily skin, avoid using harsh astringents containing more than 20% alcohol since they tend to backfire and cause your skin glands to produce even more oil. Instead, look for non-drying gentle astringents that contain ingredients like aloe vera, bisabolol, licorice root, witch hazel or burdock root.


I particularly recommend face masks for oily skin. Look for masks containing Milk of Magnesia or Clay, which can absorb oil effectively. Dry skin face masks could include avocado, egg white, cucumber and aloe vera.


I am going to discuss moisturizers in detail since many women are known to feel utterly confused reading the long list of names on the bottles. If you are one of these, you aren’t alone.  Moisturizers are basically of two types: oil-in-water or water-in-oil formulations. The oil-in-water types are lighter and easily absorbed. The water-in-oil type moisturizers are heavier but also last longer on the skin. Most day creams are oil-in-water types and night creams are heavier water-in-oil types. Here are moisturizing tips based on different skin types:

Dry Skin
  • •Women having dry skin must apply moisturizer immediately after washing and cleansing their face, while the skin is still damp. This will help seal and lock the moisture in.
  • For extremely dry skin, look for heavier day creams with SPF 15 and follow up with heavier night cream.

In winter, the skin loses a lot of moisture-so install a humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer in your bedroom. Never ever step outdoors without having a thick protective layer of moisturizing cream on the skin.

Sensitive Skin
  • Look for products having fewer than 10 ingredients.
  • Avoid skin irritating ingredients like formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, glycol and fragrance.
  • When trying a new product for the first time, try a skin patch test first.
Oily Skin
  • •Choose silicone based moisturizing cream. For daytime, use oil free sunscreen with SPF 15.
  • •Use oil-free foundation to reduce the shine.
  • •Avoid moisturizers with heavy emollients like cocoa butter, linseed oil, sesame oil, oleic acid etc.

Women with combination skin may use different moisturizers on the dry and oily areas of the skin.


If you are still wondering whether or not to use serums, then it is high time you start. Serums contain active ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants and have tinier molecules than regular creams that easily penetrate deeper into the skin. You can also layer your serum underneath your favorite moisturizer or use them standalone. A favorite trick I like to recommend for a super moisture surge is to blend our Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants with a light SPF based moisturizer and apply it on the skin during day time. This deeply hydrating serum gets absorbed quickly and leaves the driest skin looking velvety soft and supple. It contains Aloe Vera, Arbutin and Pomegranate extracts, which provide a protective breathable moisture barrier for soft glowing skin. For night time use, I recommend the Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants. It contains Green Tea and Hyaluronic acid, which gently yet effective repairs damage and stressed skin by decreasing inflammation and absorbing free radicals.

Remember: Prevention is the most critical element to minimize aging of the skin. You must take the steps to reduce everyday effects of environmental aging. Starting a good skin care regimen, whether it is early or later in life, is important to how you look and feel every day.

For more beauty tips, do not forget to download a copy of my book Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful©”-Book I.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!
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How To Get A Sun Kissed Glow This Summer: 7 Easy Tips!

Your skin color is beautiful no matter what: just the way it is and at any time of the year. Tanned does not necessarily mean beautiful- in fact; tanning is downright harmful to your skin. Too much of sun can cause serious sun burns, eye issues and premature aging. Even so called safe tanning beds can lead to skin cancer, when used excessively. The good news is: you can get that gorgeous sun kissed summer glow to enhance your natural beauty without harming your health. Here is what I am recommending for happy healthy summer skin this season:

7 Tips To Get A Sun Kissed Glow This Summer


1.    Prioritize

You might be wondering what prioritization has got to do with getting a gorgeous sun kissed glow. But think about it: life is all about prioritization and this applies to your sun exposure more than anything else. The sun is strongest at mid-day between the timings of 11 am to 4 pm. So you must schedule your outdoor activities either early in the day or later in the evening. You can hit the bike trail or the beach or do some gardening early in the morning. Eat dinner al fresco and walk on the beach at night when no sunscreen is required.


2.    Protect

I have already written in detail about sun protection here. But, I am going to repeat it nevertheless. When it comes to sun protection you need some hardware. This means accessories like umbrella, sun hat, sun glasses and loose cotton clothes that cover up the skin. You also need software like sunscreens, UVA and UVB protecting lotions and so on. Start each day by applying a sunscreen with SPF 30 + on the face. Use another sunscreen product formulated especially for the body. I always recommend buying products that contain broad spectrum SPF to protect against both UV A and UV B rays. Reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours. I recommend carrying SPF moisturizers in the car so you are never without it. Also, always bring along a light weight wrap or cardigan so you are ready to cover up where needed. This way; you are never without protection or unintentionally exposed to the sun. This is the most important thing you can do to practice safety in the sun.


3.    Self Tanners: Use Them Cautiously

If you are extremely fair skinned and desire that sun kissed glow, then you can use self tanners. The thing with self tanners is that many leave orange streaks and uneven tan on the skin. They are known to leave orange blotchy patches and spots on the ankles, hands, feet and even the face. However, there are some great brands out there which can be used safely for self tanning without having to expose yourself to the harsh UV rays. Some of my personal favorites are foamless and lightweight self-tanners that are easy to apply and give you a glow you can count on. Always try a patch test to see if your skin adjusts to such self tanners. If you plan on getting tanned at a salon, make sure they offer you special covers to protect your eyes, nose and mouth. Spray tan chemicals are only safe for the outside of your body, and not it’s inside. Also, use SPF sunscreens despite using self tanning products, since your skin can still get exposed to the sun’s rays.


4.    Avoid Tanning Pills

Many so called safe tanning pills are readily available in the market and these promise a safe sun kissed glow to make you look like Greek Gods or bronze Goddesses. All I can say is: stay away from them; they are known to cause serious health problems.


5.    Learn To Handle Hot Humid Weather Skin Issues

Hot humid weather causes your skin to perspire heavily causing acne breakouts on the face, neck, back and even the butt. You must use a multi-ingredient regime to handle such skin problems. The number one mantra: do not stew in your sweat. Make sure you keep your skin cool and take frequent showers. Avoid sitting for long in sweaty clothes; change them immediately. Use a body wash containing salicylic acid to prevent acne breakouts. Cleanse your face with a light, non-alcohol based face wash. Follow up with a witch hazel toner. At night use a moisturizing serum that can soothe and protect the skin. The Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants is proven to reduce acne breakouts while soothing the sun damaged skin. It is organic, completely free off harmful ingredients and your skin will thank you for it!


6.    Makeup Tips For Sun Kissed Summer Glow

There are two products that you must use for a sun kissed glow if you do not plan on using self tanners or spending a day at the beach. These include: bronzers and illuminators.

  • Bronzer Apply it to the forehead, sides of the nose (for a slimming effect), dot and blend on the apples of the cheeks. Contour to lift and sculpt the cheekbones and to the jaw-line.
  • IlluminatorBlend this along the brow line, to the bridge of the nose, swipe and dab along the cheek bones and apply to the lips for a fuller effect.


7.    Embrace The Sun

Whatever you do, embrace the sun! You need not refuse that midday pool party invitation. Just make sure you use the above tips and choose an outfit that does not expose your skin too much. Bring along tons of stash of SPF to reapply frequently. The next day, play it safe and stay indoors. Also soothe your sun exposed skin by applying tons of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe is nature’s gift to mankind- it can instantly soothe sun burnt skin and reduce inflammation and age spots. The Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants contains Aloe Vera gel that helps soothe irritated and damaged skin to prevent age spots and wrinkles.


Summer is here, but that does not mean you must stay indoors and hide from it to remain young. This summer, stay focused on skin-friendly solutions to help give you a sun kissed glow without causing premature aging. Divas Never Age® invites you to take back your summer with skin-friendly tips and tricks. For more beauty tips, do not forget to grab a copy of my book Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book 1.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!


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16 Important Dos And Don’ts Of Home Acne Treatment

Got zits? Dont Worry You Are Not Alone!

Zits. Almost all women get them at some point or the other in their life. Whether your case is mild or severe, there are many things you can do to keep things under control. In this guide, I will be discussing some dos and don’ts of home acne treatment. Before we do so, let us dive into the basics of acne, in particular, what causes acne in the adulthood as well as things one can do to control it.


What Are The Causes Of Adult Acne?


Acne is formed due to 4 main factors:

  • Plugged skin pores:

Skin pores get blocked due to sebum, the oily material secreted by the sebaceous glands. This, along with dirt, causes an inflammation of the hair follicles, resulting in acne.

  • Hormones:

Androgen hormones are present in both men and women. In adult women, hormonal changes could occur during and after pregnancy as well as at the onset of menopause. All these changes, along with the starting or stopping of birth control pills could increase androgens that stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

  • Diet:

Foods like milk, white bread, watermelon, glutinous rice and pasta, fried noodles as well as and potatoes are high in glycemic index. These foods cause a spike in blood sugar levels and could worsen acne.

  • P.Acnes bacterium:

Certain factors like pollution and stress aggravate the levels of toxins in the body, in particular, the Propionibacterium or the P.Acnes bacterium. This, along with increased sebum production, can inflame the hair follicle causing pus filled acne.

Other factors like heredity and your lifestyle choices can also trigger acne in adulthood.


Factors That Worsen Acne

Many factors tend to worsen acne. These are:

  • Smoking:

Nicotine can dry out the skin excessively causing an increase in sebum production.

  • Unsuitable Facial Treatments:

Facials are generally good for the skin, provided you use products suitable for your skin type. If you use harsh chemicals or face packs, they can damage your skin and could also aggravate acne outbreaks.

  • Stress:

Stress of menopause, changes in life situation (such as a new job or divorce, etc.) could also aggravate acne in older women.

Now let us consider some important dos and don’ts of acne.


Important Dos And Donts of Adult Acne


1. Do wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day:

Always use an alcohol-free cleanser. A Board Certified Dermatologist can also suggest a good cleanser effective for your particular skin type.


2. Do not sleep with the makeup on:

Makeup clogs pores and can aggravate acne. Use some baby oil to remove makeup. Follow up with a mild cleanser and toner.


3. Do treat the acne with the right medication :

Many effective acne medicines like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can prevent acne from worsening. In case of mature skin, Retinol based products are especially beneficial. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A that helps unclog oil ducts. Use the acne cream or gel exactly as directed and avoid the sun when using it.


4. Do shampoo your hair regularly and prevent the hair from touching your face:

This is especially important to prevent forehead acne.


5. Do replace sponges, brushes and other makeup applicators from time to time:

This can help prevent bacteria harboring in them and harming your skin.


6. Do drink plenty of water:

This will keep the pores clear from inside out.


7. Do follow a good diet:

Avoid junk and fried foods and also limit your sweets intake. Drink tea and coffee in moderation. Drink at least 2 cups of green tea daily as it is good for the skin and can help fight acne and acne scars. Stay away from alcohol.


8. Do not smoke:

As already explained, smoking tends to aggravate acne breakouts.


9. Do not pop the acne:

Touching your zits could spread the bacteria to healthy parts of the skin aggravating the acne.


10. Do not over scrub your skin:

Harsh products irritate the skin and could cause the acne to increase.


11. Do limit your sun exposure:

Avoid extreme light and temperatures. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ when going outdoors.


12. Do not use greasy cosmetics and oily hair products:

These are heavy on the skin and could clog pores triggering breakouts.


13. Do not ignore your acne:

What starts as one or two pimples can rapidly spiral out of control. Seek help of a Board Certified Dermatologist if your acne does not come is not under control.


14. Do learn to handle stress:

Stress and anxiety aggravate pimples. So sleep for at least 8 hours each night and manage stress using mind body techniques like Yoga and meditation.


15. Do start your acne home treatment slowly and in steps:

For example, if you are using 5% Benzoyl peroxide cream or face-wash, apply it on a small area first to test for allergic reaction. If there is excessive peeling of skin, consider changing the product to a milder concentration.


16. Do use a moisturizing serum:

Acne products can end up drying the skin excessively. So replenish the lost moisture with a good serum, twice a day. The organic and cruelty free Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants is a skin transforming formula that moisturizes, heals and soothes acne prone skin. It contains potent antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E and B3 that renew skin and reduce blemishes caused by acne.


Whatever you do, be patient. Give the acne treatment enough time to work and show results. Some women take 3 to 6 weeks to see results, while others could take up to 12 weeks for improvement.

It is no fun having acne and people can say hurtful things about it. Try not to let this bother you. Remember: this is a temporary issue and there are many options to keep it under control.

To uncover more beauty secrets, grab a copy of my book Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book 1.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!
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Is Your Workout Damaging Your Skin? 10 Tips To Avoid It

Exercise is fantastic for the body and mind. There is a great sense of achievement that you get after a long workout session at the gym. However, one of the not so great effects of a workout is skin damage, which usually presents itself in the form of acne and a host variety of other skin issues. Don’t get me wrong: , exercise is great for the skin. It reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, allowing the body to focus on other things such as rebuilding collagen and elastin–the layers of the skin that are responsible for its soft, healthy look. However, a sweaty workout can also give rise to acne and itchy skin rashes. So, in this article, I will be presenting important skin care tips to help you avoid skin damage triggered during a workout. I will also touch base on important post-workout skin care tips which can help you avoid acne and give you a glowing skin.


Workout Tips To Avoid Skin Damage


1. Avoid Wearing Makeup To The Gym

When you workout, your sweat glands are overactive, which cause perspiration. Perspiration, or sweat, flows out of the skin pores and cools your body down. If you happen to wear makeup, the skin’s pores are blocked as a result of which the sweat remains causing the sweat to remain trapped underneath its surface. This sweat eventually mixes with oil or sebum produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands causing pimples, zits and host of other skin issues. So avoid wearing makeup of any sort while you body cleanses itself through sweat during your workout.


2.Use A Toner Or A Facial Mist

This is especially important for those who suffer from rosacea or redness. Facial mists and toners containing ingredients like witch hazel provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, which helps help reduce breakouts and post-workout redness.


3. Avoid Touching Your Face

Gym equipment has millions of bacteria on it no matter how particular you may be in wiping it down using anti-bacterial wipes. As far as possible avoid touching your skin Avoid touching your skin as much as possible during and after the workout and if you must, do try to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer prior to doing so. If you use a Yoga mat, avoid touching your face to it. This is an important workout tip for avoiding zits and acne.


4.Tie Your Hair Up

Women with long hair must tie up their hair using a hair band to prevent the sweat from the hairline streaming down the forehead causing forehead acne.


5.Bring Your Own Towel And Personal Items

Sharing towels, combs, razors and other personal items at the gym is a strict no-no. Doing so can spread skin infections such as ringworm which lead to itchy rashes and dandruff. The towels provided at gyms and saunas are often bleached using harsh chemicals, which could cause rashes on delicate skin. So bring your own towels washed in hypoallergenic detergents and treated with post-wash softeners that make the fabric soft to touch.


Now for some important post-workout skincare tips…

Post-Workout Skincare Tips


6. Wash Your Gym Clothes Immediately

If you reuse your sweaty gym clothes you are inviting a plethora of skin issues including acne, and fungal and bacterial infections. So make sure you run your clothing through a washer and dryer before reusing it.


7.Bathe Immediately

If you do not have time for a bath after the workout, at least make sure to wash your face. You can use AHA based cleansers or cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These are specially formulated for acne prone skin. Exfoliation is also important as it encourages skin cell turnover and gives you a younger looking skin. While bathing too, use salicylic acid based body washes to reduce and prevent back acne and butt acne. Limit your hot shower time as too much of heat can also damage your skin leaving it dry and itchy.


8.Use SPF

Sun rays tend to worsen acne. No matter if you workout indoors or outdoors, use a light SPF formula (no more than SPF 30+) to protect the skin from blemishes and also prevent the acne from worsening.


9. Avoid Using Oil Based Moisturizers Immediately After Workout

Oil based creams clog the skin pores that have just opened out during the workout. So, opt for gentle water based lotions and creams to soothe and moisturize the skin. Always choose hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products suitable for your skin type.



Rehydrate your parched skin using a nightly serum consisting of Hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Antioxidants help reverse sun damage and Hyaluronic acid helps boost collage production. I would like to recommend Divas Never Age®-Hyaluronic Acid Serum which contains potent antioxidants like Vitamin C, Green tea and Pomegranate extracts. These help replenish lost moisture and reverse environmental skin damage caused by the sun, pollution and stress. Also drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from inside out.

Your workout can give you a lean and toned body but there is no point of having that if you are constantly going to worry about acne and sunspots. So, in order to avoid having your skin rebel against your fitness regime, follow the aforementioned skin care tips. And to get more Diva secrets for a gorgeous skin, grab a copy of my book Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book 1.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!


Divas Never Age®

7 Simple Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Younger

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Everything you do as far as your makeup is concerned is focused, directly or indirectly, around your eyes. Did you know that even the choice of your lipstick color can make your eyes pop out and look more youthful and attractive? The eye region is also the area where signs of aging first start to appear. So, in this guide, I will be covering some important tips to help you make your eyes look younger.


Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Younger

1. Keep Things As Natural As Possible

I always recommend you try and keep things as natural as possible, especially as you grow older. That means that your focus should be on a nude palette with lighter colors, which are as close to your skin tone as possible. The last thing you want to do is use loud, bright colors. Avoid using a foundation that gives a cakey look. Instead, go in for light coverage foundation and tinted moisturizer. These days, mousse foundation and lightweight mineral foundations are also available, which go on gently on the skin and help avoid a caked look.


2. Treat Dark Circles

Dark circles give you an unsightly raccoon-like look, which can instantly age you by decades. They also make you look sick or as if you have not been sleeping or you lack vitality. Sometimes though, people are just genetically predisposed to dark circles. If that is the case, you must use a concealer under the eyes. Select a concealer having yellow undertones which are excellent for covering up the dark circles. A poor diet can also give rise to dark circles. So make sure you pile up on fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Also drink plenty of water and get daily exercise. These are some surefire ways to banish dark circles. You can also apply grated potato juice to the dark circles because the starch in them helps lighten darkened skin.


 3. Combat Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes result from dehydration, eating sodium rich foods or lack of sleep. So drink tons of water and avoid alcoholic beverages. If you are partying, try to alternate each glass of alcohol with a glass of water. This will keep the alcohol level diluted. If, despite this, you get puffy eyes, you can use the following home remedies:

  • Apply thinly sliced potato or cucumber slices on the eyes for 20 minutes.
  • Apply chilled teaspoons (place the spoons in the freezer for 20 minutes) directly on the eyes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Apply tea bags on the eyes for 10 minutes.

These remedies relax the blood vessels under the eyes to reduce swelling and puffiness.


 4. Use An Under-The-Eye Serum Before Bedtime

Many eye creams are available in the market these days which can help re-texturize the skin and correct wrinkles. The Divas Never Age®-Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains a powerful blend of antioxidants that can correct wrinkles and make your eyes look younger. With regular use you can see dramatic improvement in the under eye region and take away years off your face.


5. Get Help

In some cases, you might need some external help in the form of dermal fillers. The most popular dermal skin filler is Botox, which is known to fill in lost elasticity and uplift sagging skin around the eyes. Always choose a Board Certified Dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon while getting such treatments.


6. Makeup Tips to Make the Eyes Look Younger

Here are some makeup tips to help your eyes pop out, look bigger and younger:

  • Use dark brown or charcoal color liner. Women with green eyes can use colors like plum, purple, brow-pink, to make the eyes look greener. So go for deep purple, dark brown and charcoal for eye liners. If you have brown eyes, use golden brown, grey, plum or slate blue. Avoid light colored liner and go for deep and darker colors like dark navy, dark metal grey, etc.
  • Use a mascara to make your eyes bolder.
  • Use an eyelash comb to separate lashes and remove clumps.
  • Stay away from shimmers and glittery eye shadows as they enhance wrinkles and lines and emphasize the creases around the eyes.
  • Always use matte eye shadows instead of shimmer since they help reduce puffiness and appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Blend the eye shadow really well by holding up the skin underneath the brow bone and blending the neutral base color over the eyelid.
  • The eye liner should be thick enough to be visible or else the entire purpose of defining and lifting the eyes is defeated.

Remember: the aim of eye makeup as you age is to lift the eyes upwards and outwards.


7.Do Not Overlook The Eyebrows

As we grow older, our eyebrows start losing hair and becoming thinner. To avoid this, use an eyebrow brush to comb out the hair and regularly massage some castor oil in the eyebrows to make them grow thicker. You can also brush some matching brow powder starting from the arch of the brow, followed by the outer edge and inner edge. Avoid using black on your eyebrows because it is too severe and can make you look older. Even if you have dark hair, go for a darker shade of brown instead of black. If you have very light or non-existent brows, then go for crème brow color which provides the greatest coverage.


8.Have Fun While Avoiding Wrinkles

Wrinkles and creases around the eyes are a normal part of the aging process. But, with the right approach and attitude, they can be greatly reduced. Make sure you cover up your eyes with polarized sunglasses when outdoors in order to protect them from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Be gentle when touching the eyes. Always rinse your eyes with cool water and avoid staring at a computer screen for hours together. If your work demands this, then make sure to do some simple eye exercises every 20 minutes or so, and take frequent breaks to rest the eyes.

Use the above steps and tips to make your eyes look younger. Do not forget to drink plenty of water, eat an anti-oxidant rich diet and use Divas Never Age®-Hyaluronic Acid Serum day and night to start seeing fewer creases and lines around the eyes.

To know more beauty secrets and Diva tips, grab a copy of my book Divas Never Age®-“Divas Are Beautiful”-Book 1.

 Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!

Ricardo Chavez, President

10 Hollywood Secrets for a Flawless Skin By Skin Care Guru Ricardo Chavez

Award-winning actor, author, motivational speaker, celebrity & beauty care guru; those are only a few of Ricardo Chavez’s many talents.

His beauty line Divas Never Age® has women everywhere flocking to him for dermatological advice. Having been in the film industry for decades, Ricardo knows exactly what is needed for a glowing, flawless complexion. He has also recently written a fantastic book called Divas Never Age® – Divas Are Beautiful – Book I ,which you can consider a one stop guide for tackling all your skincare issues-advice from a beauty expert who knows exactly what Hollywood A-listers’ skincare secrets are! In this article, Ricardo dishes out 10 of those secrets which can give every woman the flawless and glowing complexion she dreams of!

1. Get Hands On

Touching your face during the day is a strict no-no; but Ricardo believes that women must also take the time to examine their face–especially after cleansing it. Of course, he recommends washing your hands thoroughly before doing so. Once you have cleansed your face with a gentle face wash, use your fingers to examine your skin for bumps, fine lines and acne marks. This will help you note changes, no matter how small they are. Such examination from time to time will help you determine your skin type and also prevent problems from escalating and spiraling out of control.

2. Know Also When To “Hands-Off”!

Popping a zit might seem very tempting. After all, no one likes those ugly pus-filled acne monsters. But, squeezing zits will only make the bacterial colonies move to other healthy parts of the skin. So avoid touching your skin, and use Divas Never Age® – Hyaluronic Acid Serum (infused with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B3 and other Potent Organic Antioxidants) daily to not just prevent potential acne breakouts but also to get rid of existing acne marks and blemishes.

3. Prep Your Skin for Summer

Summer is coming and most of us are more than ready to go to the beach. But Ricardo cautions against excessive sun exposure and the damage it can wreak on the skin. Sure we all want a gorgeous summer glow, but it should be done without “overdoing” things. Ricardo stresses using a good sun protection containing at least SPF 30+. You can read more of his best sun protection tips here.

4. Polish and Exfoliate Regularly

Ricardo dishes out a secret that many Hollywood beauties, including Kim Kardashian, use for flawless, glowing skin. You must exfoliate and polish your skin before you cleanse tone and moisturize it. Think of your skin’s epidermis as a kind of “tile flooring”. If this is the case, then exfoliation will help remove those older tiles so you can replace them with newer, shinier tiles. So exfoliating regularly will send a “message” to your skin’s dermis to boost its collagen production. Exfoliation and polishing the skin also helps your serums and moisturizers work better and go deeper into the dermal layers.

5. Use DIY Treatments

It is not just commercial products that work hard to give you a flawless complexion; many of grandma’s remedies straight from the kitchen can also dissolve dead skin cells. Ricardo recommends fruit facials, which can be done at home once a month. You can use fruits like papaya or pineapple for that purpose. Both are rich in alpha hydroxy acids. These acids give your skin a gentle, “chemical peel” to exfoliate its top dead layer and reveal younger, brighter skin. You can also make a face mask with colloidal oatmeal, honey and milk and apply it for 20 minutes before washing it off with tepid water. This mask is especially a beneficial skin treatment for women with dry skin.

6. Shake Things Up

Many times, the products we use are rendered ineffective over time thanks to factors such as stress, environmental pollution, seasonal changes and so on. So Ricardo recommends taking a look at your products and changing them from time to time. Being vigilant in this manner can help you avoid many unnecessary skin issues. For example, in the winter, your skin needs an extra barrier to protect it from the harsh cold while in the humid months; you might want to tone down your SPF usage to avoid acne. Note that SPF is necessary all year round, indoors and also on cloudy days. However, in case of women living in humid countries, or those with oily or acne prone skin, one needs to choose a product that is suitable under these circumstances.

7. Do Not Underestimate the Role of Humectants

Humectants are to the skin what humidifiers are to our bodies in winters: they help create a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss which leads to premature aging. Hyaluronic acid is an important humectant that is present in the Divas Never Age Serum®. It intensely hydrates ultra-dry skin and also soothes it. Ricardo recommends it for use all year round, day and night, to protect the skin and prevent premature signs of aging.

8. Refrigerate Your Skin Care Products

Summer heat can render your serums and moisturizers ineffective. Antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C must therefore be refrigerated so they last longer and also give you the benefits that you are expecting from them.

9. Embrace a Good Diet

Your skin, hair and nails all need a high protein diet to regenerate and grow. Two amino acids are vital here: L-lysine and L-proline. Both of these stimulate collagen and elastin production which are the key to young, flawless and healthy skin. So eat plenty of fish, eggs, beans, nuts and quinoa. Also cut back on salt and sugar because both of these trigger acne. Cutting back on these ingredients will clear up your skin. Cucumber is also a great food to eat in summers, its high water content is beneficial for skin and the silica in its peel can also boost collagen production.

10. Commit to Your Skin Care Routine

To see an improvement in your skin, commitment to a good skin care routine is a must. Without dedication to the Cleansing, Toning and “Seruming” routine, the dead skin cells you have removed through exfoliation and polishing will simply return and pile up again. This will slow down skin cell renewal considerably. When referring to the importance of this, Ricardo says “Your skin is alive, which is why it changes and improves and also the reason why you need to take care of it. Stop doing so and your skin will revert to its previous state.”

If you want to learn more about how to become the most beautiful version of yourself, please read Ricardo’s book Divas Never Age® – Divas Are Beautiful – Book I where you will discover the secrets that Divas around the world use to look and feel fantastic!

Be happy, beautiful, be beautiful, be a Diva…
age spots

Simple Solutions for Age Spots

Having been in the film industry for decades, I know the huge difference that having great skin can make in an person’s life. I also know that even though skin conditions can be complex, their solutions do not have to be. That is why I developed my Divas Never Age® beauty approach, which is designed to deliver the right formulation at the right time to transform any skin type, no matter what its existing condition may be. At Divas Never Age®, our goal is to give a clinically proven yet easy-to-use regimen in order to give you great skin and boost your confidence. In this guide, my focus is on age spots- those unsightly brown skin patches which add years to your age. Read on for some amazingly simple solutions for age spots:

Skin Sun Damage – It’s Not What You See, It’s What You Don’t See…

Did you know? 80% of the skin’s damage lurks under the surface of the skin. Also, many women erroneously think that age spots are natural and that they occur with passage of time. This is not true. Age spots occur as a result of exposure to UV damage; and much of this damage happens underneath the skin’s surface making the skin appear dull and dark. This is the main reason why I recommend exfoliation. Exfoliation visibly lightens darkened skin and brings younger, lighter skin to the surface.

With regular weekly exfoliation at home you will see improved results, but in case of severe hyper-pigmentation, you may want to consider advanced dermatological treatments such as microdermabrasion and/or chemical peels. Nowadays, ablative and non-ablative laser skin solutions are also available which are proven to show dramatically improved skin within 6 to 8 sessions. However, all these treatments will be rendered ineffective if you do not use adequate protection following them. This is where a sunscreen comes into play- sunscreens with quality UVA and UVB protection can stop further damage and keep your skin looking younger and healthier.

A very important tool that you need to add to your arsenal are serums. I always stress upon the use of serums like my Divas Never Age® Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is readily absorbed by the skin and helps lighten dull spots to reverse years of photo damage.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me give you a step-by-step regime which is proven to completely reverse and erase skin hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage:




1. Cleanse Daily

Use a gentle cleanser that can clean away the look of discoloration and skin sun damage from the surface. Choose a cleanser made especially for your skin type. It should work gently yet firmly to remove the top dead skin cells and reveal younger looking skin without causing redness.

2. Use Brightening Peels

You can get skin brightening peels at your nearest salon or dermatologists’ clinics. Make sure you choose a Board Certificated Dermatologist. Brightening peels contain fruit and plant based acids which help brighten and re-texturize the skin to combat and repair years of sun damage. For extensive damage, you might need several sessions but always follow your Dermatologist’s instructions.

3. Camouflage Age Spots

While you work on your skin to reverse age spots, you can use a good foundation or even a brightening mist to cover up the blemishes. Choose a beauty cream/powder concealer and foundation that not just covers up imperfections but also helps your skin get vital nutrients to heal it in the process. Mineral makeup is what I recommend as it does exactly that – it covers imperfections but also provides superb sun protection and prevents further damage. Always use a Divas Never Age Serum® prior to applying the foundation.

4. Use A Sunscreen All Over the Face and Neck

This one is a no-brainer! You cannot expect all your products and treatments to work if you fail to provide adequate sun protection to the skin as you go about your daily routine. Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30+, no matter where you are. Indoors or outdoors, you must use a sunscreen and reapply it every 3 hours all over your face, neck and décolleté. The neck and chest are areas that are oft overlooked – women who do not use a sunscreen on this region tend to develop freckles and age spots on this area making them look older. Also cover up when you are outdoors with a wide brimmed hat or sunscreen and always use good quality sunglasses with UV protection. Believe it or not, your eyes can also get damaged by our friend the Sun. Seek shade where possible and avoid going out in the peak sunny hours between 10 am to 4 pm where possible.

5. Real Nutrition for Your Sacred Skin!

Now I come to my favorite and most important step in the age spot banishing regime. To enhance all of the above age spot reversal steps, you must provide some additional nutrition to your skin at day and night. This nutrition is available in the form of powerful ingredients and antioxidants like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Pomegranate and Green Tea among other fantastic organic ingredients.

Our Divas Never Age® Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains all these ingredients and more! It has Natural and Organic ingredients that are gentle yet effective. Here is a brief summary of its ingredients and they all help reverse sun damage, especially age spots:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Though you probably associate the word “acid” with harsh and abrasive, hyaluronic acid is the exact opposite. It’s a humectant, meaning that it draws out water from the air and dermis. Hyaluronic may spur new collagen production.
  • Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate– Reverse sun damage and age spots.
  • Aloe Barbadenis juice– Obtained from Aloe Vera plant and provides sun protection by blocking 30% of UV rays.
  • Niacinamide which is a Vitamin-B3 derivative– Prevents pigmentation from coming up to the surface of the skin. Thus, it literally stops age spots in its tracks!
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract or Green Tea Extract – A powerful antioxidant which provides internal protection to the body, and especially to the skin, by fighting free radical damage caused by the environment.
  • Punica Granatum or Pomegranate extracts- Also contains Vitamin C. Research has shown that these extracts can reverse years of photo-damage caused by UV exposure.
  • Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil –Another wonderful antioxidant which moisturizes skin and protects it from losing precious water appearing, dry, dull and more prone to sun damage.

As can be seen, it is very much possible to reverse age spots. Use these steps and do not forget to treat the face, neck and chest area where age spots are most prominent. Exfoliate, cleanse and treat your skin with respect and love.

Use a high quality serum like Divas Never Age® Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum every morning and evening and start seeing noticeable lightening of the age spots.

To know more about beauty secrets and Diva Tips, take a look at my e-Book Divas Never Age® – “Divas Are Beautiful” – Book I.

Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva…


Bes Sun Protection Tips

How to Prevent & Reverse Sun Damage

We all know that the best way to protect the skin from sun damage is to use sunscreen. But many women find it difficult to select the right sunscreen. Many of them have skin issues such as acne, sensitive skin or dry skin, which makes it difficult choosing a product that will not aggravate that condition. In this guide, we will cover several tips and proven ways to protect the skin from sun damage all year round. We will talk about tips on how to choose the right sunscreen based on your skin type and also discuss oral and topical antioxidants that can help prevent and reverse sun damage giving you a healthy glowing complexion.

How To Pick A Sunscreen Based On Your Skin Type


1.     Sensitive skin

Women with sensitive skin types must select a hypoallergenic sunscreen which is devoid of fragrances, perfumes or color. Go for natural ingredients such as Zinc Oxide or titanium dioxide which are less likely to give rise to allergic reactions as compared to chemical sunscreens such as Avobenzone. Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before leaving the house.

2.     Acne Prone Skin

If you are prone to acne breakouts, you might avoid using sunscreens thinking that they aggravate the condition. In reality, you need even more protection since the sun’s rays can make your skin even more sensitive causing frequent breakouts. So do opt for broad spectrum sunscreen having both UVA and UVB protection. Also ensure using non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic products. There are many lightweight sunscreens available that work wonderfully without being heavy upon your skin. You can even apply your acne medication, wait for 10 minutes and then apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before leaving the house.

3.     Dry Skin

The best sunscreen for dry skin is products free from alcohol which exacerbate dryness. Also avoid sprays or gel based sunscreens. Stay away from zinc oxide based sunscreen and instead go for Avobenzone and Octocrylene which are non-drying. You can even go for products containing hyaluronic acid, shea butter, etc., which help moisturize the dryness. If needed, you can also apply serums with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, wait for 10 minutes and then apply the sunscreen. Do this at least 20 minutes before leaving your home.

4.     For the Body

If you plan on spending the day at the beach, use sunscreen on your entire body. Body sunscreens are thicker and must be applied liberally starting from the neck to the legs, hands and feet. Make sure you reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours. Go for water resistant products with SPF greater than 30 in case you plan on swimming.


How Important Is The SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is the most important data that quantifies the effectiveness of a sunscreen. FDA recommends using sunscreens having at least SPF 15. Note that SPF 30 will not provide twice the protection as that of SPF 15 but, when used properly, can block nearly 97 percent of UVB rays as against the 93 percent blocked by SPF 15.


The Role Of Antioxidants In Preventing And Reversing Sun Damage

No matter how fastidious you may think applying sunscreen is, some amount of sun damage still occurs. So you must also provide some internal and external nourishment to your skin in order to prevent and reverse this damage. The best protection from sun damage both internally and externally is the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which are rogue molecules that lead to age spots, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines.

Here are some important antioxidants for the skin:

    • Vitamins A, C and E and their derivatives
    • Flavonoids and catechins found in Green tea and Japanese Match Tea
    • COQ10 enzyme and phenolic acid compunds


Antioxidant Rich Diet

A diet rich in the antioxidants above can prevent and reverse sun damage. Here are some superfoods that help provide these antioxidants:

  • Berries- Eat a handful of mixed berries daily such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and blackberries. Make a smoothie with yogurt and berries for breakfast or add a handful of fresh/frozen berries to your morning oatmeal.
  • Nuts and seeds- Both are rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids and also antioxidants. Eat almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, etc., for glowing healthy skin.
  • Fruits and vegetables- Eat a colorful palette of different veggies and fruits. These will give you your daily quota of antioxidants.
  • Fish- Lean fish like salmon, anchovies, tuna and sardines can help provide healthy fats as well as antioxidants to reverse signs of aging.

If needed, talk to your doctor about supplementing with a multivitamin and multi-mineral pill.

Topical Antioxidants

Topical antioxidants in the form of serums having physiological antioxidants Vitamins C and E help supplement the skin’s own antioxidant pool and protect against UV damage. Many studies have demonstrated the ability of topical antioxidants in protecting skin against UV induced cellular damage and DNA mutations.  Likewise, many studies have demonstrated the ability of topical antioxidants in reversing sun damage. In fact; there is one line of thought from experts that topical antioxidants may provide several advantages for photo-protection not provided by dietary supplements. The right serums with the right concentration of antioxidants can overcome physiological barriers in order to provide targeted systemic tissue delivery. The absorption of these antioxidants supplements the natural antioxidant absorption of the skin to reduce oxidative stress. Prolonged and correct use of topical antioxidants can supplement external sunscreen usage to provide an internal shield against sun damage.

Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Vitamins & Antioxidants one of the most powerful blends of topical antioxidants available in the market. It contains Vitamins E and C as well as other potent antioxidants found in green tea and pomegranate. It also has several ingredients that offer excellent sun protection.

  • Argan Oil  This acts as a natural sunscreen to protect skin from potential sun damage. Vitamin C and Green Tea- These lighten age spots and reduce skin hyper-pigmentation that results from sun exposure. Green tea is extract of the Camellia Sinensis leaf extract that has cell improving functions. These antioxidants also fight wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Vitamin C and Green Tea These lighten age spots and reduce skin hyper-pigmentation that results from sun exposure. Green tea is extract of the Camellia Sinensis leaf extract that has cell improving functions. These antioxidants also fight wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Aloe Juice Aloe juice is extracted from Aloe Vera plant. It contains 20 amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals and can provide nearly 30% sun protection.
  • Niacinamide This is a derivative of Vitamin B3. It is a powerful ingredient that can reduce acne scarring, age spots and sun damage that comes up in the form of hyper pigmentation. It boosts skin’s natural collagen formation to reveal youthful looking skin.
  • Arbutin This is an extract of Bearberry plant that prevents melanin formation. It must be used after sun exposure as it can brighten and whiten the skin. It has sun protecting properties which makes it excellent for use on a day at the beach.
  • Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Extract) Plenty of research is showing that the vitamin C and other essential antioxidants in Pomegranate can fight cell damage and boost cell renewal. It can renew sun damaged skin and also fight aging by boosting Collagen and Elastin layers of the skin.

The dermatologically tested serum is designed to work on all skin types. In just two weeks of application, you will see reduced age spots, brighter complexion and diminished fine lines. The best part is: the serum is completely devoid of parabens and chemicals and does not clog pores.

Visit Divas Never Age® to learn more about the sun-damage reversing effects of the serum.