Wardrobe Wake Up: How to Dress to Look Younger and Slimmer

After a certain age, a woman and her wardrobe just do not get along. The romance that once was simply dies off. The dresses you bought in your 30s or early 40s–which made you feel sexy, confident and beautiful–no longer fit or enhance your self-esteem. Changes in hormones, weight, finances, lifestyle and attitudes all impact your closet and style. In this guide, I will give you honest and practical styling tips to enhance your body, boost your style and revive your closet to bring out the Diva in you.

How To Dress To Look Younger And Slimmer – 10 Tips


1. Wear One Color From Head To Toe

It is often tempting to wear black pants with a crisp white top or a red sweater with beige skirts-but wearing sharp contrast does not work in the 50s. Contrasting colors sharply break the line at your waist or hips drawing attention to them. Instead, try to wear one color from head to toe. This is a quick, fool-proof formula that can make you look slimmer and younger by taking attention away from your problem areas. For example: match a navy top with dark blue jeans or a black cotton top with black cords to give you a sleeker vertical line.

2. Create An Illusion Of Height

The best way to do so is to wear lowish necklines that expose your upper chest and shoes that closely match your skin tone. For example, nude pumps or beige peep-toe heels. Both these accessories can add inches to your height. Always go for the tapered toe shoes to give you maximum stretching and slimming effect.

3. Dipping Necklines Work Best

Elongate your neck with necklines that dip below your collarbones. I am not suggesting very low, plunging necklines; I want you to keep things classy with cowls, scoops and unbuttoned shirts that form a v-neckline. If you go for too low necklines that reveal your cleavage, it will only sabotage the mission of keeping things classy.

4. Wear Belts

One super slim belt is all you need to add shape and definition to jackets, suits and sweaters worn over skirts or pants. Super skinny belts in black, brown or neutral beige leather, as well as vintage chain belts in gold and silver can accommodate anything from silk blouses and jackets. Just be sure to wear the belt around your waist and not at the hips.

5. Choose The Right Fabrics

Did you know that there are certain fabrics which naturally hug your body and make you look slimmer and younger? These include jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, matte crepe silk, wool rayon and vertical pinstripes. They all mold, shape and hug your curves. Other fabrics like denim, velvet, silk, lace and wool crepe are comfortable and wearable but they do not do much in particular to enhance your shape.

6. Wear Accessories Strategically

If you have a short neck and wide hips, then wearing a long necklace will draw attention away from these areas. Likewise, if you have thick flabby upper arms, sparkly cuffs and stacks of bangles or bracelets can draw the eye to the wrists instead of the problem areas. Also use vintage bags, scarves, costume and real jewelry to add one focal point at a time.

7. Use Shape-wear

Shape-wear can lift sagging areas around the thighs, tummy and hips and also smooth down bulges. If you plan on wearing shift dresses or pencil skirts, make sure to use shape-wear with extra firm tummy control. Also wear a good quality pushup bra to reduce sagging at the bust.

8. Keep These Fashion Must-haves In Your Wardrobe At All Times

Invest in the following fashion must-haves to create a svelte silhouette, hide the fat and slurp you up in all the right places:

  • •    V-neck sweaters with three-quarter sleeves
  • •    Pencil skirt
  • •    A wrap dress
  • •    Boot cut or skinny jeans
  • •    Pair of nude heels and knee length heeled boots
  • •    High waist opaque stockings
  • •    Control camisole
  • •    A-line shift dress
  • •    Full coverage bra

9. Mix Prints

Combining two or more prints can give a new spin to your wardrobe but there is only one way to pull off this look without looking ridiculous-you have to choose a single color theme at a time. First select one color group–say brown–pair it up with a brown dotted silk blouse and an artsy brown graphic print skirt, throwing on a brown cardigan to “gel” the look. Also remember: subtle, small scale prints are easier to work with than larger prints and suit all kinds of body shapes.

10. Be Yourself

This is the most important tip to help you look the Diva you are. It is never too late to update your wardrobe, but it is especially important to have a positive body image at all times. How you perceive yourself to be plays an important role in the message you send out to others around you. I have already covered some fantastic makeup and beauty tips to help you look younger here.  As a recap of that, I recommend using the Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants during the day to get rid of unsightly fine lines, age spots and dark circles and following up with Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants  at night to reduce the sun damage caused during the day. This will bring out your true inner beauty by taking decades off your face.

As a parting tip: laugh and be happy. After all; a smile is the best thing you can wear!

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Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!