Secrets Of Great Skin: Important Skincare Regime For Mature Skin

The basic goal when formulating a skincare regimen for mature skin is to select an effective combination of ingredients which can be incorporated into one’s daily routine to address specific skin concerns. In order to reverse the signs of aging, an important cornerstone of facial skin rejuvenation is to:

  • •   Encourage collagen and elastin production
  • •    Increase moisture on the inside and outside
  • •    Provide the skin with the right ‘tools’ to rejuvenate itself
  • •    Neutralize skin damaging agents like free radicals
  • •    Stimulate skin cell renewal and repair

With this in mind, a simple skin renewing routine for women in their early 40s and beyond should ideally include the following ingredients:

  • •AntioxidantsTo repair old and worn out skin cells, fight free radical damage and protect the skin from further damage.
  • •AstringentsTo cleanse the skin and draw tissues together to join proteins to coagulate dry and harden the tissues. This gives the skin a younger look. Astringents can also make pores look smaller than they are and help protect skin from damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Demulcents– To heal and soothe inflamed skin.
  • EmollientsTo moisturize, smoothen and soften dry and sensitive skin.
  • ExfoliationA process required to encourage growth of new skin cells. It can be done in two ways: mechanical or chemical. In the first type, you use a scrub to remove the upper dead layer of the skin. In the chemical method, you make use of an acid to do so.
  • HumectantsTo lock and seal in moisture by creating a protective barrier on the skin.
  • MoisturizerTo hydrate the skin by adding to mature skin’s dwindling supply of moisture.

Based on this, let us discuss the right skincare regime and products for mature skin.




Always use non-drying, alcohol-free cleansers since because mature skin is also dry and sensitive skin in most cases. Liquid milky cleansers work best for dry sensitive skin. You can also go for fatty substances like cocoa, lanolin and petroleum in your cleansers, for oily mature skin, look for non-drying cleansers and oil free products that help dissolve sebum. Use cream cleansers that rinse off easily; if you wear makeup, the cleanser should clean it off without you having to rub or scrub too hard. For women with oily skin wash the face no more than 2 to 3 times a day. Washing more than this can lead to excess oil production.

Steam Inhalation

Women with very dry and sensitive mature skin should avoid steamers, steam baths and saunas as these can irritate skin further. Also avoid using wet cloths and wipes that can further aggravate the redness on the skin. For women with oily skin type, once a week steam inhalation is recommended to keep pores clear.


I am personally against excessive use of scrubs, since most contain ingredients like walnut shells, silica or sand particles which aim to exfoliate the skin’s upper dead layer. However, the molecules of these substances are irregularly shaped, which could be abrasive to the skin. Instead, use products containing micro-beads that are more regularly shaped and help exfoliate without abrading your skin.


If you have oily skin, avoid using harsh astringents containing more than 20% alcohol since they tend to backfire and cause your skin glands to produce even more oil. Instead, look for non-drying gentle astringents that contain ingredients like aloe vera, bisabolol, licorice root, witch hazel or burdock root.


I particularly recommend face masks for oily skin. Look for masks containing Milk of Magnesia or Clay, which can absorb oil effectively. Dry skin face masks could include avocado, egg white, cucumber and aloe vera.


I am going to discuss moisturizers in detail since many women are known to feel utterly confused reading the long list of names on the bottles. If you are one of these, you aren’t alone.  Moisturizers are basically of two types: oil-in-water or water-in-oil formulations. The oil-in-water types are lighter and easily absorbed. The water-in-oil type moisturizers are heavier but also last longer on the skin. Most day creams are oil-in-water types and night creams are heavier water-in-oil types. Here are moisturizing tips based on different skin types:

Dry Skin
  • •Women having dry skin must apply moisturizer immediately after washing and cleansing their face, while the skin is still damp. This will help seal and lock the moisture in.
  • For extremely dry skin, look for heavier day creams with SPF 15 and follow up with heavier night cream.

In winter, the skin loses a lot of moisture-so install a humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer in your bedroom. Never ever step outdoors without having a thick protective layer of moisturizing cream on the skin.

Sensitive Skin
  • Look for products having fewer than 10 ingredients.
  • Avoid skin irritating ingredients like formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, glycol and fragrance.
  • When trying a new product for the first time, try a skin patch test first.
Oily Skin
  • •Choose silicone based moisturizing cream. For daytime, use oil free sunscreen with SPF 15.
  • •Use oil-free foundation to reduce the shine.
  • •Avoid moisturizers with heavy emollients like cocoa butter, linseed oil, sesame oil, oleic acid etc.

Women with combination skin may use different moisturizers on the dry and oily areas of the skin.


If you are still wondering whether or not to use serums, then it is high time you start. Serums contain active ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants and have tinier molecules than regular creams that easily penetrate deeper into the skin. You can also layer your serum underneath your favorite moisturizer or use them standalone. A favorite trick I like to recommend for a super moisture surge is to blend our Divas Never Age® – Vitamin C Serum With Antioxidants with a light SPF based moisturizer and apply it on the skin during day time. This deeply hydrating serum gets absorbed quickly and leaves the driest skin looking velvety soft and supple. It contains Aloe Vera, Arbutin and Pomegranate extracts, which provide a protective breathable moisture barrier for soft glowing skin. For night time use, I recommend the Divas Never Age® Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Antioxidants. It contains Green Tea and Hyaluronic acid, which gently yet effective repairs damage and stressed skin by decreasing inflammation and absorbing free radicals.

Remember: Prevention is the most critical element to minimize aging of the skin. You must take the steps to reduce everyday effects of environmental aging. Starting a good skin care regimen, whether it is early or later in life, is important to how you look and feel every day.

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Be happy, be beautiful, be a Diva!